LAMP, The Nocturnal Broadcast, False Jasmine, & Virgo Sadness

The Firehouse, 412 41st St S, Birmingham, Alabama

Doors 7 Show 8 5 dollars

Lasting Impressions - Local Birmingham Post-rock/metal//math rock offering up sacrifices on the alter of the riff

The Nocturnal Broadcast - “The best damn xtreme scooter squad this side of the Mississippi” Coming up from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to bring you some beautifully syncopated jams that’ll make you wanna practice more

False Jasmine - Local Experimental math-rock homies coming out to blow your dang mind with some serious shreducation!

Virgo Sadness - Indie Rock/pop project from Ty Kennedy ready to rock your face off! Also here’s a new music video from ‘em!